Thursday, July 26, 2007

Who's Burning What?

Last night we heard quite the ruckus of sirens. I looked it up on the Seattle Fire Department's real time fire dispatch site (we're so wired here) and apparently it was just down the street. I'm on 107th and 35th Ave and the report said the fire was at 108XXth St. Interestingly on my way to the bus stop this morning, that happens to be on 108th I noticed this rather ominous sign freshly posted. Strangely I wasn't able to see any fire damage anywhere. I spun around and looked at the houses, the utility poles, but didn't see a thing. Weird. Still, creepy to think that some nut case tried to burn something, anything around here. Anyone know more about this?


Cheryl said...

We live in the Arbor Heights area and just noticed a home on the corner of approximately 39th and 100th SW that had some left crime scene tape along the front and appeared to have had some serious fire damage? The house is almost covered with tarps. Do you know the incident of the "arson" sign was referring to? This is creepy and disturbing. Do you know the address of the incident? I seen the real Time site but no address that reflect the incident.

Creighton said...

I did find out what the arson sign was. Apparently someone put a very large firecracker under a motorcycle trailer near that sign and blew it (the trailer) up. It's been fixed since, but no one was ever caught.

Anonymous said...

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