Monday, July 16, 2007

Boston Bound

Twas the night before travel and all through the house not a thing was getting done, not even a, um, ah, well...packing my blouse? Hmm, I'm not really packing a blouse. I'm leaving for Boston, to go talk GPS, tomorrow. I'm excited about going to bean-town, never been, but because it is such a long flight (I'll sit in the dreaded middle seat on the 5 hour flight out there) I sure wish I could stay a while and see it all. My time there is booked. Breakfast meetings, day meetings, and the night out. I'm lucky that I get travel paid for my my employer so I'm not taking it for granted, just thinking maybe I can get away and explore a bit. I hope to, as usual take some pics, and put them up here. I'll tell you how the beer and Lobster is (that's Boston good eats right?). How funny is it that Boston's album is called 'corporate america'?


Tempest said...

Boston rocks. If you get a chance, go to the North End... yum, in the wee early hours, you can smell the bakeries and in the evening italiano everywhere.

lisa Lisa said...

i hear the streets are alll messedup - so hopefully you dont have to drive there.
HAVE A SAFE TRIP :) and ... canollis - i think they have some famous canollis there. john brings them back to our friends who used to live there - when he goes.

Anonymous said...

ahhhaaa it makes sense now :)
I hope the city is better than the band