Sunday, July 8, 2007

It Floats!

While Texas is soaked to the core from gallons of rain, Seattle is sunny and hot. Ok, all you Texas people will laugh when we say that it's hot, we mean that it's 80. Stop laughing. Really, it is hot, for Seattle. Yes that's hot.

Anyways, because it was hot and sunny we went to the annual milk carton derby on Seattle's Green Lake. The rules to entry are basically, build something that's interesting, and hopefully floats, out of milk cartons, and you're in. We had a great time watching them, some fast, some elaborate, some nearly sinking, but all creative and a very festive summer time good time.

The duck float (pictured) was stunning and huge - maybe 7 feet tall. There was a bug float (the black and white thing in the other picture) that I liked a lot too because it had googly eyes, and wings that moved back and forth. We'd both like to have been out on the water with them so maybe next year we'll enter this ourselves. Start saving those milk cartons!

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Tempest said...

I knew it! I was just telling Tim (while sitting rain soaked at a restaurant) that I was sure Seattle is sunny and perfect. Well good... I was thinking of moving to Vancouver anyway.