Sunday, February 3, 2008

Belkin Please Chapter 1

My Sonos system is working with my new wireless set up. I called Sonos and they said it's because of the Belkin N1 router I'm using. They've tested each version of the router (I have v3000) and according to Sonos there's something amiss with the 802.11n band routers not working with spectrum Sonos uses for it's wireless controllers. Whatever. So I emailed Belkin to confirm or deny and help me with a work-around, and they emailed me back. And they pissed me off. Apparently their weekend help desk is staffed by oxygen deprived drool cup drinking retarded monkey boy, Harold. Harold, who works for Belkin, the world leader in cutting edge wi-fi and networking computer components got back to me with this helpful gem:

Hi Creighton,

Thank you for contacting Belkin Technical Support.

It will support but The software should be compatable with that router.

Belkin Technical Support

WTF Harold? It's not helpful, not spelled correctly, not punctuated correctly, not capitalized correctly and most important is total BS. I used to work in customer service and know all about the fast-key auto response and getting the queue down so you can take your break. So get off your ass and answer my question.

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