Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ewan is Off the List

Ok, I didn't mention that Rollins is kind of a chump for doing his movie roles and his cheesy talk show, I can look past that, as a man has to make a buck. But, I can't look past this ad staring Ewan McGregor. I thought he was a tough guy after the Long Way Around BMW motorcycle trip around the world and I gave him credit for Blackhawk Down, and Trainspotting. But, Nope. He's on my huge wuss list now and I'm going to stop ignoring the Star Wars prequels, as they sucked too and you know it, but you did them anyways Ewan. You're at the the top of the wuss list now Ewan, the top, thanks to this ad:


Agen said...

But don't you think it takes a manly man to show his more feminine side? Still, that add is 100 percent pure Wisconsin cheese.

Tempestuous said...

My view of Ewan is crushed. That commerical was a total cheeseball.

Oh, Seymour was in Capetown the other day and saw Henry Rollins. They were staying in the same super exclusive French boutique hotel. Shouldn't he be down in a township, being punk rock and stuff? I guess when you get to a certain age, turn down service is more of a neccesity. (But I still love him. Who am I to talk? There isn't enough money out there to get me to stay in a township.) ;P