Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Truck Rulz

Is it sad or funny, that this petition (below) was posted in a forum about Chevy trucks, by Chevy truck owners? Apparently they want to hate something, but they're not sure why, but they sure know who. BTW Tundras are made in Princeton, Indiana and San Antonio, Texas and have just slightly better MPG (still bad) than domestic trucks.

To: Toyota

This petition is so that Toyota stops selling the vehicle herein described as the "Tundra" It is causing damage to people all over North America, and is Polluting our Water, air and land. The Tundra is causing many US owned businesses to lose money and popularity. If they keep selling it, the Tundra will cause many family's out of jobs, the economy failing and US owned businesses failing.


The Undersigned

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