Sunday, February 17, 2008

Photo Sunday

Busy weekend. Busy last few weeks in fact. Here's a sample of whats on my camera phone from recent outings.

Got this tasty pic of Loo at Crate & Barrel Sunday morning munching on free treats as we wandered the store scanning stuff for the gift registry. The store was open early just for us and a few other invited couples. I had to admit I really liked it. No people, and free food. I wish every store had something like this.

This plane pic was actually from a while back (last week?), but I forgot it was on my phone. I was in San Jose walking across the runway to my plane and stopped to snap this pic. Kept waiting for TSA or Homeland Security to question me about it...but nothing.

A late night trip to the local Metropolitan Market resulted in this stare down with a pugnacious crustacean.

He wasn't kidding with me, and got two legs out in his attempt to make me swear off eating seafood. I nudged him back in with my finger and saved the world from his wrath.

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