Sunday, August 12, 2007

Beery Good Pub

Congratulate us, we've found our neighborhood bar. We'd driven past it quite a few times, but because it's oddly attached to another (homeless/pulltab/senior citizen) bar we never really noticed it. A few weeks ago we stopped by what we thought was the nasty bar, in shameful desperation for a nightcap, only to stumble across an obscured door. With a few back steps and an audible "Wa?" we stuck our head in a completely different bar. Comfort and soul are what's great about this new bar, the gnarled, dark, hand carved, arched wood bar from the early 1900s perches over the bar keep awaiting each order. Low lights and couches with odd books are tossed around creating comfortable nooks and crannies. Locals, some with their dogs, bring in food, read thick novels at the bar, or like us quiz each other with Trivial Pursuit while downing huge glasses of ultra micro beers (pic of round 2 attached). The bar is defined by it's huge selection of locally brewed beers, at least 15 on tap. Rare beers brewed in back yards/garages, made by people that drink specific beers in specific glasses. We're ignorant to the these sophisticated ways and try our luck with a new brew each time, and enjoy it each time. We'll be careful as not to become snobby beer people, and just enjoy Bar X as an institution of higher learning and our extended living room. If you're around, consider yourself invited and indoctrinated.

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Agen said...

I think I know of which bar you talk of... but is there a reason you're keeping the name of Bar X hidden?