Saturday, August 11, 2007

Watch This

Call me a canary in a fashion coal mine, but I'm not wearing watches anymore. This from a guy that loves watches. Seeing as men can't wear jewelry that much, exceptions granted to (the old chain wearing) Mr. T and used car salesmen, not wearing watches limits what a guy can use to express himself. Maybe there are other options and I'm not down with them yet, the Croc clogs are in full bloom around here in the Pacific NW, and guys are confidently wearing all the colors of the rainbow in those. Really the point is that I'm so utilitarian that I don't like to wear a watch because my phone, computer, even truck and motorcycle all have clocks looking right back at me and I'm never more than a few feet/inches from any of them. All that being said, I still like watches as sculptural objects and there's a few (pictured) on Amazon that I really want, so maybe there is still a place for wrist watches as object of art. Time will tell.

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La Tempesta said...

My dad wears crocs... a very sedate pair of black crocs. He pooh-poohed them for awhile, but mom bought him a pair. He reports that they are "quite comfy for toodling around as 55yr old daddies do."

I voted for boots. They're multitaskers of fashion; casual or dressed up if needed and they seem tre comfy and cool at the same time. Unless... are your sneakers worn out? That's very bad for your everything.