Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Going thought some older pics I found some from the Vespa club rally that was here in Seattle a few weeks ago. Now, I'm not really a Vespa guy, but I do consider them a part of the 2 wheel family, and the machine itself is quite the specimen of design. So, here are a few (old by now) pics that sorta communicate their style, or at least as I see it.


The Velvet Bulldog said...

Hey Creighton--friend of Agen's here. I have a Yamaha Vino. Tell me, do you give the high-sign to scooter riders, 'cuz so many motorcyclists don't!

Creighton said...

Always! Two wheels and a motor are my criteria. Most of the time the Vespas don't wave back though (out of shock I suppose).

the velvet bulldog said...

Cool. Thanks--I'll definitely high-sign back!