Sunday, August 19, 2007

Old Time Religon

Out of nowhere football has shown up on TV. This is great news, both Lindsay and I are fans, being from Texas, but where'd the summer go? This weekend was particularly football like as rain set in and the temps were in the 60s making it feel a lot like Fall. We snuggled on the couch and watched the Seahawks get routed by the Packers in preseason hoping this wasn't indicative of the year for the 'hawks. This year, just like every year I swear to myself I'll learn more about the game. There's so much that I don't know. So many times I'm wondering what the heck just happened there? Regardless, I'm ready for some Madden "Bam! Knocked his hat off!" commentary. Let's get this season going. Oh, let it be known my teams this year are (in no order): Seattle, Chicago and Dallas. Go Cowbearhawks!

All hail cool hand Landry.

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