Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Travelin' Man

Ground hog day, again. I was in San Jose, specifically Silicon Valley, yesterday and today for work. Kind of weird because just last week I stayed in in San Jose, specifically Silicon Valley, for meetings as well. I stayed at the same hotel, had the same schedule, even the same rental car. The first company I saw was only a half mile down the street from the one I saw today and I even ate at the same restaurant (Macaroni Grill) too. The only difference was the last trip I got to stay in a nicer wing of the hotel (the Beverly Heritage - pics here, along with all the goodies I was able to scrounge up for free from the "premier wing" lounge to snack on in my room.) so I got the royal treatment, meaning free Danish and coffee. As outwardly bland as it may seem the valley is opportunity, everywhere you turn there's a company that's creating popular culture. SanDisk memory, Apple iPods, Cisco routers, it's all there. I wonder if it's like being in Detroit with Henry Ford forging a new world in the early 1900s? I'm thankful that I can travel and see this kind of thing, it's like looking behind the curtain of the internet.

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