Monday, May 7, 2007

Badda Bing Trip

I'm craning my neck at every intersection to see if I can find the Badda Bing club from the Sopranos, but so far to no avail. I'm here in New Jersey for work. Actually, most of the business will be in NYC, but for now it's me in a hotel across from the Medowlands stadium. Exciting. I'm getting ready to go downstairs and start the competitive drinking/firm handshakes/business card swap event that traditionally takes place on these kinds of trips. The really good news is that the vendor is taking us to the Central Park Boat House tomorrow for lunch. Perfect. I've always wanted to go there, and I'm stoked that I get to now. I love NY, like everyone else, so if I'm lucky I can break away and see some of it. Thought I'd share some of the pics of my hotel room and 'view', including the NJ turnpike stall, if anyone thinks I'm living too large.

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