Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Good News: I'm Going to Hell

Or at least I'm going to Hell's Canyon that is. I'm packing up for a trip on the bike that'll take me straight over to Idaho (all day tomorrow) then drop straight down into Oregon, about as far south as Richland, OR, back over to Vancouver, OR along the Columbia river national scenic byway, up to Mt St Helens back side taking back roads to Mt Rainier and then back to Seattle. Should be about 1,300 miles most of it on smaller back roads. I'll be going with a good buddy of mine from my days, JP. Him and I have been exploring and into motorcycles for years so it's only fitting that we combine the two. I'll be taking a ton of pictures, but don't know if I'll be able to post on the road. Definitely when I get back on Sunday night though. It's been nice and warm, clear skys and as the pilots say, it's a CAVU (Clear Ahead Visibility Unlimited) kind of few days for me. (Yes, mom. I'll be very safe.)


Anonymous said...
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lisawj said...

wow. sounds like an amazing trip.

Anonymous said...

Call me when you get home.