Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pet Or Freezer?

Speaking of pets (last post) I ran across this little charmer on Craigslist. It's not often you get to decide between "Pet or freezer". You can almost see the look on the steer's face. "Why are you taking my picture Mr Farmer? You never paid much attention to me before...this isn't good."

4yr old steer. totally natural. no antibiotics or hormones. raised on 10 acres of pasture and alfalfa in the winter. pet or freezer? thinning the herd.$700 cash firm.


Tempest said...

I love him!

Did you hear about the two brothers that raised a bull (not a steer) from a baby like you would a dog, complete with whooly-ing and other rough play? The older brother didn't come home one day so they went out looking for him. they found him crushed to death beside a tree. :( Poor bubba.

lisawj said...

i want him as a PET. he is addorable