Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Twist for Fun

This past weekend I got my hands on something the devil himself would ride. When the German's want to go fast they dial up the power of the BMW R1150R sport bike (aka BMW Rockster). Oh my God. Yes, I broke the speed limit - just a little bit* though. A gentleman when it needs to be with ABS heated grips it's not all brawn, but close. This thing eats asphalt like popcorn and I was all going up and down from Seattle to Tacoma more than once letting it eat all day long.

*if by "little bit" you mean doubling it, then you're right.


WonderPen said...

Like one bike isn't enough for you (and me to worry about)?

lisawj said...

you *BOUGHT* that? eeeeeek. BEEEEEE careful!!