Monday, May 28, 2007

Fashionable Patriotism

Just wondering why I'm the only one on my block to have my flag out on Memorial Day. I've seen a few out on the 4th of July around here, but so far it's just me. Possibly it's because there was a treat of rain last night, but doubtful that's the cause. There's an abundance of opinion on the war, on the president, even an abundance of bumper stickers asking [other drivers?] to "support our troops". I recall being a kid, in Dallas, and having nearly all the houses on the street adorned with American flags on the appropriate holidays, in fact it was a big treat of mine to fetch the flag and secure it form our front porch. I'm sure there's still a lot of patriotism around, but find it interesting that it's becoming less of a standard practice to display the flag.

OT: Love the picture of Bush signing the American flag. If fabric could wince, it would here.

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lisawj said...

my neighborhood is fulllll of flags. we have lots of vetrans on my block too (cause i live among grey hairs)

im wondering how my barack obama sign will go over pretty soon???

anyway - i thought of you today.
and need to say a formal THANK YOU.