Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stuck On You

I get a lot of GPS units from work. Some good, some not, some really expensive, some not. I try them all out when I can and see how they do in the real world. Recently I had the chance to get 4 of the top selling GPS units in my truck (see me in the rear view mirror?) all at the same time, and compared them literally side-by-side navigating me from work to my house in West Seattle. Even though it was a little hard to see out the windshield (technology will save me!) I made it home. What GPS was the best? There wasn't one that was the 'best'. Each has it's strengths and weaknesses. The Magellan had the most POI data to choose from, the Garmin was easy to input addresses into, the Harman Kardon had the best instructional voice and the TomTom provided lots of advanced options. Which one would I buy? The one I could afford. PS: Buy it from Amazon, keep me employed.

Order of GPS appearance L to R: Magellan 4040, Garmin 660, Harman Kardon 500, TomTom 910

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