Saturday, March 10, 2007

Google is God

I work for a tech company, but after reading this NYTimes article about Google running free shuttles to and from work for it's employees I feel I'm getting screwed.

You see, I take the nasty Metro bus to work everyday to avoid the $230 monthly parking downtown, and the hassle of driving to work. I live 8 miles from my job, Google is picking people up as far away as 54 miles away in it's free shuttle. Then I hear that Google offers them free food prepared by a real chef when they get to work. I eat my bowl of cereal at home before I catch the bus. What's great about the shuttle is the controlled environment. According to the article it's quiet, respectful, WiFi enabled, even with leather seats and possibly even pets. On my bus I get dunks sprawling over several seats, pimps and their hos, loud (usually misogynistic) kids skipping school and fragments of people's food/drink smeared on the seat. I'd think prefer the Google shuttle.

Is this the future of corporations? Taking a city service and doing it better? I think so. Is Google still hiring? I hope so.


Lindsay said...

Is this the same Google office that I saw in Santa Monica? If so, then these people also work just a couple of miles from the beach, and could walk to this really cool farmer's market on 3rd St. during their lunch hour once a week. Man.

It'll go bad, at some point. Just you watch. All good things like that never last anyway, right? (Just trying to be positive in a negative way.) :-)

lisawj said...

but the city bus builds character. NOT like you need ANY MORE.