Saturday, March 3, 2007

Vetting the Vet

Kitty cat Athos was not doing so well today, so I took him to the vet. I don't like vets. Here's why, and it's an example of what happens every time. I take the cat to the vet, tell the vet what my research makes me think the problem is. Vet nods and gives me the standard, "your cat is old and he should drink more water" speech. I nod back and cover some of the things I've been doing to help. Vet is not listening. Vet says she'll have to run some tests to be sure, so I say yes to prove how good of an owner I am. Tests come back as confirmation of what I said it was. So, to have the vet tell me what I knew cost me $175 and one pooped on towel (Athos gets nervous on car rides). I hate the vet.


Tempest said...

I love Athos. Love him much like I loved Bob. So sorry he's mortal too. I remember one time when I was driving your truck to Dallas (can't remember why) and Athos was with me in the cab. He didn't poop the whole trip, I felt special.

lisawj said...

aaahhhhh - aaathos. i havent seen him since college.
i forget - did he get along with Odessa or did they hate each other?