Sunday, March 25, 2007

LA to Seattle: Day 3.5

Whew. 1350 miles all the way. We're here. Lot's of driving, and I'm really glad that we took the scenic route. We powered out the last section, from Eugene, OR to my front door in record time (I discovered a new Lindsay talent: eating and driving at 80mph) and rolled in about 2:30pm.

Now at home, we're introducing the cats to each other, waiting to introduce the dog to the new cat, and in general loafing around glad to be out of the car. Thankfully Seattle greeted it's newest LA/Dallas transplant with a face full of sunshine and we're enjoying that especially, and settling in. Lindsay's stuff will be shipped up here later in the week and then we'll play the small house Tetris game and see what fits where. All is good. More pics to come as soon as we're rested.

Pic is from a stop we made on a beach in Cali, near the Oregon boarder. Lindsay is wondering why she never noticed that my hand is so big.


Anonymous said...

This blog stuff is very weird, like reading your diary on the sly to find out what you've been up to. Anyway, glad you had some adventures on the way and are home safely. MOM

paul said...

this is a great transition picture of Lindsay...the moment of enlightenment where she realizes where she was and where she's going...that is the theme of this picture, yes?

maybe she's just a little car-sick.