Monday, March 19, 2007

Jumpin for Jesus

I know it's morbid, but data is fascinating. Here's an interesting graphic of where people have jumped off the Golden Gate bridge. (click for larger image) Apparently people like the middle, they like a good final view (of the SF skyline), most are from San Francisco and don't like to walk too far past the midspan and someone needs to see what's up with post #69. The security barrier must me out or something as it's super popular. Extra points for originality to the ones that jumped facing East, or off the sides before the water. Yes, this is tragic stuff at it's core, but it's done. What does it tell us? Life is amazing like this. Just like this.


paul said...

i remember a number of years back (4-7 years ago) when the jumping toll was at around 980 jumpers and there was a fear among Bay Area residents (particularly police) that there would be a rash of jumpers hoping to be the '1,000th' did materialize to some extent as there were a reported 5 jumpers over a two week span.

Tempest said...

Did Patrick Clancy ever make you class watch that video piece where some artist put a camera up that was supposed to capture every jumper on this one portion of the bridge? It was a little morbid for my taste. :P