Sunday, March 25, 2007

LA to Seattle: Day 2

You know what I've learned? California is equally as big as it is beautiful. We drove from LA up the coast heading to San Francisco on the 101. We stopped in Cambria and explored a beach, did a little wading in the Pacific for just a bit and then jumped back in the car and carried on. The legendary Big Sur waited to impressed us with it's amazing vistas at every turn. If we had more time we would have stopped and explored the Hearst castle perched on the hill overlooking the coast, or any of the gorgeous beaches occasionally populated by a hippie or surfer. Breathtaking. But on we went, piling on the miles toward Seattle. I had a vision of stopping at fruit stands for nourishment, but California offers up more fast food than fruit stands so hello Arby's. Oh well. Still food went in, and we went on. Passing over the Golden Gate Bridge in the middle of the night glancing over at the lights of San Fran in the distance. (Pics to come)

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