Friday, March 23, 2007

LA to Seattle: Day 1

I'm in LA now, helping Lindsay move to Seattle. She says she's looking forward to the rain, I'm worshiping the LA sun while I can. I flew down late last night, and this morning we're up at 7am to start loading the trailer with her stuff. She did most of the hard work yesterday so I paid my debt and literally did the heavy lifting of some bookshelves and tables to finish it off. We're on target to leave LA about noon and head up to San Francisco by way of the PCH in her Subaru with a fairly light load. The trailer (a shared transit system, her stuff is only about 1/20th the load) will get picked up later and delivered to my house in Seattle to unload, so all we have is a few random travel things and her cat in the Subaru. I've explained to the cat that if Tunces can learn to drive so can she. We'll see.

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