Thursday, March 8, 2007

Painted Toenails in the Locker Room

I miss the work outs from when I was in the Army. There's just nothing like that kind of motivation. There's nothing like running in a formation of 60 guys all screaming cadence together.

So because I don't have that motivation I drag myself to the gym here and there to push around some heavy weight. I like it a lot in there, it's my time.
It was my time the other day too when in the locker room, as I changed, some big belly fella with long gray hair flying all around his head, in his late 50's I figured, lumbered over to my bench and lowered his heavy frame down to get changed. No big deal, until he took off his shoes and revealed his freshly painted pink painted toenails. I tried not to stare, but when he fumbled into his hot-pant like bright blue spandex it was time for me to get on my way. Odd fellow.

It takes all types I suppose.

NB: You can find a picture of anything on Google I've learned.


lisawj said...

oh ICK.

Lindsay said...

What I want to know is.....what else was on the web page where you lifted that picture?
It's one of those "I want to know, but don't want to know" questions.

paul said...

what i want to know is what were you doing with a camera in the men's room?