Sunday, March 25, 2007

LA to Seattle: Day 3

It's only getting better. California, along the 101 is still what everyone thinks California is. It's easy to still see the car culture, the optimistic 60's, at times even what the '49ers or the missionaries must have seen, or felt. We twisted and turned on roads the begged for a motorcycle, and made it a point to stop here and there along the road the smell the roses. If by smelling the roses I mean we stopped at the frickin' cool Paul Bunyan (and Babe the Ox) statue in Del Norte, CA. Completely inspiring in a weird kind of way. In keeping with the road trip requirements we also drove through a redwood tree. How cool is that? The redwood tree place was a one trick pony, but honest and quaint regardless. It was temping to stop at the "House of Mystery" or "Confusion Hill" or maybe get some chainsaw art too, but we were pushing North and had to keep moving. And moving we were until we crossed over into Oregon. Just a few miles in we got stuck in late night traffic on I5 that brought us to a total stop on the highway. A simi had rolled over at Grant's Pass so we waited for an hour to get rolling again and with that ran out of steam and are now in a hotel outside of Eugene, OR enjoying the rain. Next stop: Seattle. Oh, and lots more pics to come.

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paul said...

i did a road trip about 10 years ago and made a pilgrimage to visit Paul and Babe. i had my GF at the time stand under Paul and reach upward as if she was grabbing his testicles...i took a picture. she was English and she felt a great sense of sexual empowerment when she saw the picture. good times.

you know, now there's a camera on either Paul or Babe and the gift shop clerk watches on closed circuit TV and interacts through Paul...scares the crap out some tourists when they hear the voice. scared me a little too...but then i went inside and kicked some butt on the clerk.