Thursday, March 29, 2007

I Pan the Seattle Library

Update: Unbeknown to me, the PI had an article about the very subject a few days ago. The sun must have warmed up Seattlite's feelings about this building. A few years ago when the radically designed Seattle library opened to the public everyone and their dog was offering up their opinion on the design. It's been a few years and as I walk past it everyday to work I wonder when I'll finally start to think it's an attractive building. Frankly, I'm now convinced that it's a design train wreck. At best the exterior is different, thought provoking and iconic, but the most important element, the interior is cold, cheap, confusing and already becoming dated. It doesn't help that like many libraries it's unofficially become the daytime flop house for Seattle's bums. No that's not helping it at all. What I hoped a civic building like this would be was inspiring. A cathedral to information. A confident structure that, seeing as it stores all the wisdom of the ages, can rise above fashion trends and be an inviting haven for those that want to learn. This collection of metal and bright paint only succeeds, in my opinion, as Seattle's (successful) attempt at attention that will unfortunately fade into footnotes and be obsolete when fashion changes. So cheers for the attempt, but jeers for trying too hard to hang out with the popular kids and forgetting what you are, Seattle library. The demolition crews are scheduled for 2027, see you then.

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