Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ice Breaker Parts

While on my bi-weekly trip to the auto parts store (big ugly green, the truck decided to kill it's alternator, and blow up both headlights in the process.) I got to talking with the guy behind the counter. Really nice guy about my age, with a large and colorful tattoo of an anchor on his forearm. I asked him about it and he said he was in the Coast Guard. He was a driver (pilot?) on a polar ice breaker. Wow. They go to sea for up to 6 months in the arctic to break trail and ensure sea safety. He said it did get boring, and "you learn to love to read - anything and everything to pass the time" because 6 months on the ice must be pretty boring after a while. Anyways, always interesting to meet the people in the neighborhood.

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Tempest said...

Have you seen the documentary floating around - I think its Natl. Geographic - with these guys as the subject? At first I thought, what a great time of solitude and you know contemplate the ice and the paralells with the complexity of man and whatnot. But, after watching it, it is a totally crazy dangerous life choice to do that job. wow. Not what I'd tell my kid/husband/life-mate/cousin to go for.